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Deliverable 4.1


Automated recommendation assessment process description

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Executive summary:

This deliverable describes the recommendation assessment process. First, existing prescriptive analytics algorithms including their requirements and challenges are evaluated. Follows a description of the assessment process for the selection of the potentially best candidate action set (as described in Deliverable 2.1) to improve energy efficiency and decrease occupants' dissatisfaction. This includes definition of key performance indicators (KPIs) as assessment criteria. The current implementation includes total primary energy, thermal comfort and air quality as criteria. For further processing, the selected candidate action set is formalized as a recommendation. Results of the assessment process can deliver useful feedback for the generation of candidate actions in the data preparation and data description module. Two concepts for such a feedback loop are considered, short-term reduction and long-term optimization of the candidate action generation. The cost/benefit analysis of weather model resolution and accuracy is written in a separate document as appendix to this deliverable.